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Family words
  • Thank you letter

    Dear senior university leaders:

    On the afternoon of November 18, 17th, my OPPO-R9S mobile phone was accidentally lost in the badminton court. When I returned home, I found that I returned to the gym and was closed. For elderly migratory birds coming from afar, mobile phones are the only tool to contact loved ones thousands of miles away, not to mention the many important files on the mobile phones and the precious photos of beautiful Hainan. Unexpectedly, when I arrived at the gym early in the morning, the staff of your hall gave me my mobile phone. Looking at the lost phone, I was so surprised that I really didn't know how to express my gratitude. I am grateful for the serious and responsible work attitude of this young girl (Sun Dan), and I am glad that there are such affable staff in the old university! Qionghai really deserves to be a civilized city in the country, and the old university is also our home for migratory birds!

    -Yunnan Migratory Bird: Xiong Zhongrong
  • Praise letter

    Dear Property Leader:

    I am the owner of Tianlaiquan Phase II. When I went out on the morning of September 26, I suddenly noticed that my electric bicycle had a flat tire and could not move. I had to ask for help from the property. In the process, after being informed, security guard Liu Jian gave up the rest of the night shift, braved the scorching heat, and used his own tools and materials to help me repair the tires in time to solve my problem. When I made the payment, he declined politely! Said: "This is what I can do and do a little favor." The words were simple and intimate! The spirit of helping others, not paying, and working hard is moving, and I praise you for this! If Tianlaiquan's employees can be like Master Liu Jian, then Quanlaiquan is really our happy home! The staff is attentive to the owner, we live here!

    ——Twenty-five owners-Li Yue
  • Thank you letter

    When I ate at noon yesterday, I accidentally forgot the inlay denture in the dish, and was cleaned up along with the leftovers. When the waiter He Shumei knew, she was not afraid of stench, trouble, or hard work, and helped me to find it in two vats twice. I didn't find it (at that time). After I left the restaurant, the waiter He Shumei ignored the heat and rancidity, and searched for the third time in the bucket, and finally helped me find the denture. When she told me that I had found it, I was so moved that I didn't know what to say. Her persistent spirit was really touching, reflecting the lofty realm and noble morality of the staff of Tianlaiquan Health Club actively serving tourists. I hereby express my heartfelt thanks and respect, and once again thank Comrade He Shumei, the waiter.

    October 20, 2014

    ——Tian Delun Wang Jinzhang, a tourist from Tianjin Yijiayier
  • Thank you letter

    We stayed in Tianlaiquan on 2013.11.17, and the highest historical blood pressure values were 170/100 and 180/90. After two months of meticulous treatment by Dr. Qiao Lixiong, we effectively controlled our hypertension and reached the expected target of 130/80. The two-month treatment of hypertension made us personally experience the medical style and morals of Director Joe Bethune's style. What's more valuable is that he has accumulated a virtuous cycle of blood pressure for our elderly and entered a new stage of scientific management. The two things we experience the most are three aspects: one is to accurately measure our "primitive ecology" of hypertension. Things are constantly changing, and our blood pressure was not elevated at all. In the past, I only heard about "hypertension". Unconsciously, the word "hypertension" came to us. As soon as he heard the prescription, he often took the medicine, and at first he didn't agree with it. However, in recent years, my head fainted from time to time, and my wife fainted once or twice. We know that seeking treatment in the future should be a top priority. Lai Tianlaiquan finally found the living Buddha, Doctor Qiao Lixiong. Rather than cook in one pot, because people treat. When the first day I and my wife asked Director Qiao to treat us with high blood pressure, he prescribed two different medicines on our prescription, and then informed the time and dose of the medicine, and when we should go to the clinic, we insisted. At each cycle, he adjusted the treatment plan in time according to our different development and changes in blood pressure, which was comprehensive and targeted, and gradually stabilized. The third is to keep the benign hydraulic cycle in three steps and bring it into the scientific management track. The first step is to put the tiger with high blood pressure in the cage and ignore it, which will threaten the life of the elderly; the second step is Tianlaiquan's three meals a day, light recipes, antennas low salt and low fat, fresh; third Step by step is Edward (Hainan) health attendant He Xiaomei and Luo Xialan who have set up a health file for us. The file records the historical highest personal blood pressure, current blood pressure, fasting blood pressure and lipid status; daily diet and exercise methods. I think my wife and I will ensure that these three steps will go step by step, so that high blood pressure is not life-threatening. I would like to thank Dr. Qiao Lixiong of Bethune, Hainan, and wish you success and happiness in your career.

    ——Elderly Liu Xiang and Hu Liangxiu
  • At the end of 2009, we traveled from Qinhuangdao to Sanya. The enthusiastic sales lady "huu", took a free caravan, looked at four or five real estate, and remained indifferent without any characteristics. Finally came to Qionghai Tianlaiquan, watching the model and listening to the introduction. I was attracted by the senior university, gymnasium, concert hall, tennis court, gateball court, hot spring and sanatorium here. Later, friends praised our vision and we were proud of our wise choice. It turned out that we bought it right, and here we lived a happy old life, and my second college life. "

    ——Zhang Jining, a member of Tianlaiquan Spring Club, and his wife